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  • English
  • 正體中文
  • 简体中文
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Français
  • Magyar
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
  • Монгол хэл
  • Âu Lạc
  • български
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • فارسی
  • Português
  • Română
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • ไทย
  • العربية
  • Čeština
  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
  • Русский
  • తెలుగు లిపి
  • हिन्दी
  • Polski
  • Italiano
  • Wikang Tagalog
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Supreme Master Television brings you good news from around our beautiful planet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our programs can be viewed online at, as well as on YouTube and iOS or Android apps.

New Supreme Master Television Outlets:

We are happy to announce that Supreme Master Television is available on the following platforms:

worldwide via internet streaming for TV and radio, on CoolStreaming;

in Chile, on SkarNet Channel 568.

Supreme Master Television is available all around the globe, broadcasting on worldwide satellites. We also herewith thank all facilitating channels that kindly include our TV programs in their service. May Heaven reward all your good deeds manyfold!

1. Across Canada, Mexico and the United States on Galaxy 19 Ku Band at 97.0 degrees West;

2. Across Australia and New Zealand on Intelsat 19 Ku Band at 166 degrees East;

3. Across South and Southeast Asia on ABS2 Southern Beam Ku Band at 75.0 degrees East;

4. Across North Africa and the Middle East on Eutelsat 7W MENA Beam Ku Band at 7.0 degrees West or Nilesat Position;

5. Across East Asia on Apstar 7 Ku Band at 76.5 degrees East;

6. Across Russia and surrounding areas on Yamal 401 Ku Band at 90 degrees East;

7. Across the Middle East on YahSat 1 East Beam Ku Band at 52.5 degrees East;

8. In sub-Saharan Africa and Europe on Intelsat 20 Ku Band at 68.5 degrees East;

9. In Central and South Americas as well as Mexico on Hispasat 30W-6 Ku Band at 30 degrees West;

10. In Canada, Joy TV on Telus Satellite TV;

11. In Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; Buryatia, Russia; and throughout Mongolia; on DDish Satellite TV on Channel 209;

12. Throughout the United States on Glorystar Satellite TV, Channel 909.

13. Across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa on Hotbird 13 at 13.0 degrees East.

Also in Canada, Bell TV Canada as well as locally on numerous cable and IPTV networks – (please search by postcode at for full channel listings); and Faith TV – (please search by postcode at for your local channel listings);
plus, in Mongolia on National Kabel Television and in Erdenet City, Darkhan, and Ulaanbaatar, on Univision Cable TV Channel 215;
and throughout Lebanon on Channel 111 on Cablevision.
For full frequency information please visit
Additionally, Supreme Master Television is available on media streaming television services worldwide in more than 232 countries, territories and regions via Apple TV, LG Smart TVs and Roku streaming TV, in 111 countries on AMAZON FIRE TV, in 144 countries via Android-based TV systems in 198 countries on SAMSUNG SMART TVs, in 195 countries on Vewd enabled Smart TVs and set-top boxes, and in 198 countries on Afreeca TV, Ayozat Stream, Babak TV, CXTV, Ficus TV, Giniko, iKOFLIX, Limex World TV, LiveHDTV, myTVworld, Orbitv, Pick TV, Pocketv, Pzaz TV, Rumble TV, TVWEB360, VipoTV, wwiTV and Zingo TV.

On shortwave radio:

Sub-Saharan Africa in 46 countries on WRMI 15770 kHz

Europe, North Africa & Middle East in 72 countries on WRMI 15770 kHz

South & Central Americas in 19 countries on WRMI 5800 kHz.

Central and Eastern United States, plus Canada, Bermuda, Greenland and Iceland on WRMI 9395 kHz

Western United States, Western Canada and Mexico on WRMI 5950 kHz

Central, South, Southeast and Western Asia in 41 countries on WRMI 7570 kHz

And on internet radio: Icecast Directory, MixLive, myTuner Radio, Online Radio Box, Radio Garden, RadioGuide.FM, Radio.Net, Retro Radio for Shoutcast, Shoutcast Directory, Stream Finder, Streamitter, and XiiaLive using search: SupremeMasterTV,

as well as on podcast on Acast, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts,, Blubrry, CastBox, Google Podcasts, Himalaya, iHeartRadio, iTunes, iVoox, Listen Notes, myTuner Radio, Player FM, Podbay, PodBean, Podcast Addict, Podtail, Poddtoppen, Pod Paradise, RadioPublic, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio.

Supreme Master Television is also available in

African communities worldwide on Habali TV;

Arabic speaking communities worldwide on Araab TV;

- on Cable Play TV;

- Glew City, Buenos Aires: on Cable Telemix Channel 50;

- Juana Koslay City, La Punta City and San Luis City, on Channel 539 on San Luis Cable TV;

- Buenos Aires, Chaco, Córdoba, Rosario Rivers, Santa Fe, Tucumán, on Center Cable Channel 11;

Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Perú on WAOO TV Channel 32;
Bangladesh on JagoBD TV;

- Belize City, Belmopan, Benque and Cayo District, Channel 239 or Frequency 291 MHz on Central TV and Internet;

- Punta Gorda and Stann Creek District, Channel 224 on Southern Cable; and throughout Belize on NexGenTV via Southern Cable;


- on Rec TV,

- Potosí, on UHF Channel 75, Cotap Channel 71 and Tigo Hogar Channel 15;

- Sucre, on Cotes, analogue Channel 40, digital Channel 141;

- La Paz, on Cotel digital Channel 13.2;

- Llallagua, on Reflejos CATV Channel 25;

- Uyuni, on TV Frontera Channel 45;

- Villazón, on Cotevi Channel 5;

- Tupiza, on Channel Coop. Tupiza;

- Beni Department on Trinidad TV, Lochtel Channel 70 and 19;

Bosnia and Herzegovina on MaxTV;

- Channel 14, on Maxcloud TV, Channel 211 on CDNTV, Channel 811 on Brazil Play Spain, and on SoulTV;

- Mato Grosso do Sul on Channel 94, on LigNet de Cuiabá;

- Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, on UAU NET;

- Morro da Liberdade, Villa Buriti, Colonia Oliveira Machado, Aparecida, Petrópolis, and the Industrial District, on MEGALPTVS Channel 98;

- the state of Amazonas, on TV One;

- nationwide, on MaxCloud TV Channel 215 and Box Brazil Channel 213;

Cambodia , Laos and Thailand on Malimar TV Network;
Cameroon on Southwest Communication;

- Bamenda, Channel 6

- Buea, Limbe and Tiko, Channel 54

- Douala, Channel 58

- Kribi, Channel 39

- Kumba, Channel 36

- Yaoundé, Channel 53


- JOY TV via Channel 656 on Telus Satellite TV and Bell TV Canada as well as locally on numerous cable and IPTV networks - (Please search by postcode at for full channel listings);

- Faith TV – (please search by postcode at for your local channel listings);


- Sint Maarten on TelTV+;


- Lautaro, Araucanía Region: on Cablevision LTDA Channel 205;

- Puente Alto, Santiago, Channel Frequency 58.1 on Intercable;

- Santiago, Nueva Providencia and Mendoza: on TVCCH Channel 99;


- Gachancipá, channel 98 on APG;

- Guasca, Channel 23 on APG;

- Quindío, on Legon Communications, CNC Quindio Channel 2;

- Medellín, Buenavista, Sucre, Córdoba, Mompox, Bolívar Department, Santa Ana, Magdalena Department, on Cosespu TV and VivoTV Channels 2 and 9;

- Bolívar and Cartagena, on Telebolivar;

Costa Rica

- on Tica TV and on Bethel Costa Rica Channels 45 and 50, and on MetroCom Channel 622 throughout Costa Rica;

- the Brunca Region: on Cable Centro analog Channel 36 and digital Channel 236;

Democratic Republic of the Congo

- Kinshasa on Molière TV;

Republic of the Congo and Central Africa on DRTV Channel 332 on Canal+

- Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo on Channel 25 or Frequency 503.31 MHz on Local TV;

Dominican Republic

- Santo Domingo, Channel 198, on Telecable Dominicano;

- Yaguate and Cambita: on Crispell Cable Vision TV Channel 120;


- Bamba River, Sangay National Park, Guaranda, and The Basin: on Telemeridiano Analog 75, Digital 88.2;

- Quito, Santo Domingo, Rio Bamba, El Boliche National Reserve, San José, and Latacunga: on Cable Union Channel 79;

El Salvador on DC IPTV and on Cable Color Channel 172;

- San Miguel and Usulután, Channel 100 on CableSat;

- San Salvador, La Paz, La Libertad, Cuscatlán, Nueva Granada municipality, on Cable Color, Mallicon Cable, Cacaluta El Salvador Analogue Channel 79 & 99, and Digital Channel 95.3;


- Cable Color Channel 354;

- Barberena and Zaragoza, Channel 58 on Cable Minerva;

- Esquipulas, Channel 110 on Cable Fácil Digital;

- Guatemala City, Channel 69 on Cable Minerva and Electronica Chilena;


- Channel 101 on Air Link Communications;


- Cable Color Channel 96;

- Western Honduras, on Meganet channel 138;

Throughout Latin America

- Cable Go Channel 70;


- Cibor TV;


- Airtel Channel 677, DD Direct Channel 64, Dish TV Channel 1059, Reliance Channel 634 and Tata Sky Channel 1063 on Sadhna TV as well as Jio and all cable networks;


- Batam, Channel 10 on Barelang Vision TV;

- Bintan Island, Channel 24 on Barelang TV Kabel;

Korea on Kakao TV and Naver TV;

- Channel 111 on Cablevision;

Middle East and Greece

- ZaapTV;

Middle East and North Africa


Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; Buryatia, Russia; and throughout Mongolia

- Channel 209 on DDISH SATELLITE TV


- Erdenet City, Darkhan, and the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Channel 215 on Univision Cable TV;


- Oursnetwork;

- Puebla, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Tlaxcala, Morelos and the State of Mexico: on Cablemas, Megacable and Telecable Del Mezquital analog Channel 22 and digital Channel 220;

Nepal and India

- Clear TV Channel 105, Dish Home Channel 131, Mero TV Channel 145, Sim TV Channel 750 and Sky TV Channel 135 on Bhakti Darshan TV;

New Zealand

- Channel 1 on Mainland Television;


- Nica TV;

- Americable Channel 5, CooTV Channel 64, IBW Channel 87 and TVOne Channel 93;

- Star TV Channel 78;


- Latin Play TV Channel 615;

- MetroCom Channel 172;

- Astrovision Channel 86;


- Santa Rita, San Blas, Virgen del Carmen, San Juan, San José de los Arroyos, Department of Caaguazú: on Cable TV Paraguay Channel 77;

- the State of Alto Paraná, Santa Catalina, Asunción and Posadas: on Santa Rita Cable Channel 78;


- Asiri TV

- Aguaytía and Chepén, on Teleamigos

- Áncash, on DKR

- Cañete, on Cable Cañete

- Cerro de Pasco, on Andina TV

- Cusco, on Inkatel

- Huancayo, on Cable Red

- Lima, on Cable Visión, Cable Perú, Supercable, Servicable, Cable Láser, Cable Mix

- Puno and Juliaca, on RTP

- Puno on Poderosa TV, on El Canal de las Estrellas and Cable Más.

- La Convención, Calca, Paucartambo, Urubamba, Anta, Cusco, Paruro, Acomayo, Canchis, Quispicanchi, Chumbivilcas, Espinar and Arequipa, on Inpecable Cable TV digital Channel 51.2;

- Arequipa, Lambayeque, Chiclayo, Piura, Tumbes and Trujillo, on My Fiber digital Channel 31.3;

Taiwan, also known as Formosa, Channel 711 on Fain TV and TaiwanGood TV;

- Changhua, Channel 40 on San Da Cable TV

- Kaohsiung, Channel 4 on Phoenix Cable TV;

- Keelung, Keelung Life Channel 4 on Prosperity Cable TV;

- Pingtung, Channel 85 on Guan Sheng Digital CATV;

- Tainan, Kbro Nantien Channel 4 on Nantien Cable TV;

- Taoyuan, Kbro Taoyuan Channel 4 HD on North Taoyuan Cable TV;

- Taipei, Kbro Channel 4 on Cable-Giant, Chingpingtao, Chuan Lien, Da-An Wen-Shan, Hsin Taipei , Hsin Tang-Cheng and Yang Ming Shan Cable TV;

- Yilan, Channel 4 on Union Cable TV;


- Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Mbeya, Morogoro, Moshi, Mwanza, Tanga and Zanzibar on channel 921 on CTV;

- on VTV;

Trinidad and Tobago

- Channels 53 and 55 on Air Link Communications;

Uganda on YOTV;
United Kingdom

- on Connected Freeview via Channelbox;

- on Freesat Channel 161 and Sky Channel 186 on Ayozat TV;


- Canelones: on Cable De la Costa, Channel 6;

- Lavalleja and Rocha: on Minas Cable Visión Channel 2;

- Lavalleja, Rocha, Canelones, Carrasco District in Montevideo: on Cable Plus;

- Carrasco, Lavalleja, Rocha and Canelones: on Aires Del Sur Radio 98.4 FM;

- nationwide on VeraTV Channel 8;


- the states of Anzoátegui, Delta Amacuro, Monagas, Nueva Esparta and Sucre as well as Guárico and Miranda: on Supercable Channel 76;

- Táchira, Apure, and Mérida: on Telecanal 21, NetUno Channel 18, Cable Norte 21 Digital Channel 136, and UHF 21;

United States on Giniko Faith TV, SimulTV and SAMSUNG SMART TVs, as well as on Public Access TV:


- Prescott, Channel 64 on Cable One;;

California :

- Atherton, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Palo Alto, Comcast Channel 75 on MidPen Media Center;

- Berkeley, Comcast Channel 28 on BCMTV;

- Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View and Sunnyvale, Channel 15 on KMVT;

- Escondido, Oceanside and Vista, COX Channel 18 on KOCT;

- Gilroy, Channel 20 on CMAP TV;

- Pasadena, California, on Charter Spectrum Channel 32 and AT&T U-verse Channel 99 on Pasadena Media;

- Sacramento, Channel 18 on Access Sacramento;

- San Francisco, Channels 29 and 76 on Comcast-SF Commons;

- San Jose, Channel 15 on CreaTV;

- Saratoga, Comcast Channel 15, and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 in the San Francisco Bay Area, on KSAR;

Colorado :

- Denver, Comcast Channels 56, 57 and HD881 on Denver Community Media;

Connecticut :

- Windsor, Access Channel 5 on Win-TV;

Florida :

- Tampa Bay, Comcast Channel 20, Frontier Channels 30 and 36, and Spectrum Channels 638 and 639 on TBCN TV;

Georgia :

- Atlanta, Channel 24 on Comcast and Channel 142 on Google Fiber;

- DeKalb County, on DeKalb25;

Hawaii :

- Oʻahu, 'Ōlelo Channel 55 on 'Ōlelo Community TV;


- Chicago, Comcast and RCN Channel 21 on CAN TV;


- Fort Wayne, Comcast Channel 57 and Frontier Channel 27 on Access 2;

Massachusetts :

- Acton, Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon Channel 45 on ActonTV;

- Amesbury, Channel 12 on ACTV;

- Boston, Comcast Channel 23, RCN Channel 83 and Verizon Channel 1960 on BNN Media;

- Brookline, Comcast and RCN Channel 3 on Brookline Interactive Group;

- Cambridge, Channel 96 on CCTV;

- Framingham, Comcast Channel 9, RCN Channel 3 and Verizon Channel 43 on AFTV;

- Lexington, Comcast Channel 8, RCN Channels 3 and 613 HD and Verizon Channel 35 on LPTV;

- Longmeadow, Comcast Channels 12 and HD 809 on LCTV;

- Newton, Comcast Channel 8, RCN Channels 15 and 580 HD; and Verizon Channel 34 on NewTV;

- Quincy, Channel 8 on QATV;

- Springfield, Comcast Channel 12 on Focus Springfield;

- Waltham, Comcast Channel 8, RCN Channels 3 and 613 HD; and Verizon Channel 47 on WCAC-TV;

- Westborough, Verizon Channel 24 and Charter Channel 191 on WTV;

- Worcester, Channel 194 on WCCA TV;


- Minneapolis, Comcast Channels 16, 17 and 75 on MTN;

- Stillwater, Xfinity Channel 15 on VAC-TV;

New Hampshire:

- Derry, Comcast Channel 23 on Derry CAM;

New York :

- Brooklyn, Optimum Channel 69, RCN Channel 84, Spectrum Channel 56, and Verizon FiOS Channel 44 on BRIC TV;

- Manhattan, RCN Channel 82, Spectrum Channels 34 and 1995, and Verizon FiOS Channel 33 on MNN;

- Great Neck/North Shore, Long Island, Cablevision Channel 20 and Verizon FiOS Channel 37 on PATV Long Island;

- Queens, Spectrum Channels 34 and 1997, RCN Channels 82 and 85, and Verizon Channels 34 and 37 on QPTV;

- White Plains, Optimum Channel 78 and Verizon Channel 45 on White Plains PATV;

North Carolina:

- Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina, on Spectrum Channels 4, 8 and 18 on The People’s Channel;

- Charlotte, AT&T Channel 99, Google Fiber HD Channel 140, MI-Connection Channel 4 and Spectrum Channels 4 and 21 on Access 21;

North Dakota :

- Bismarck, Channel 12 and Channel 612 HD on Dakota Media Access;


- Dayton, Spectrum Cable Channels 5, 6 and 23 on DATV;


- Gresham, Comcast Channel 22 and Frontier Channel 33 on MetroEast;

- Portland, Comcast 22 on Open Signal TV;

Rhode Island:

- Providence and North Providence, Cox Channel 18, and statewide, Cox Channel 13 and Verizon Channel 38, on PEG RI-TV.


- Knoxville, AT&T U-verse Channel 99, Charter Channel 193, Comcast NBC Universal Channel 12 and WOW Channel 6 on CTVKnox;


- Austin, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, Google Fiber Channel 10, Grande Communications Channel 10 and Spectrum Channel 10 on Austin Public 10;

- Houston, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, Comcast Channel 17, Phonoscope Channel 96 and Sudden Link Channel 99 on HMSTV;

- San Antonio, AT&T U-verse Channel 99, Grand Channel 19 and Spectrum Channel 20 on TVSA;


- Fairfax, Verizon Channel 30 on Fairfax Public Access;

Washington DC:

- Comcast Channel 95, RCN Channel 10 and Verizon Channel 10 on DCTV;

Washington State:

- Kitsap, Comcast Channel 12 and Wave Channel 3 on BKAT;

- Seattle, CenturyLink Channel 8006, Comcast Channel 77 and Wave Broadband Channel 23 on Seattle Community Media; CenturyLink Channels 8005 and HD 8505, Comcast Channel 28 and Wave Broadband Channel 19 on Seattle Community Colleges Television;

- Thurston County, Comcast Channel 22, and FairPoint Cable Channel 22 in Yelm, on TCMedia;

- Yakima, Spectrum Channel 192 on YCTV.

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